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Reach More Clients with SphereCard!


Are you a freelancer or professional looking to expand your client base? Join SphereCard today!

At Find My SphereCard marketplace, potential clients are actively searching for experts like you. Our interactive business profiles make it easy for consumers to discover and connect with the right professional to solve their needs.

Why Join SphereCard?

  • Increased Visibility: Get noticed by clients looking for your specific skills.

  • Interactive Profiles: Showcase your expertise and make it simple for clients to hire you.

  • Easy Connections: Clients can quickly find and contact you for their projects.

Subscribe to SphereCard now and take advantage of our special introductory offer to connect with new clients easily. This limited-time offer won't last long.

SphereCard ®

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SphereCard is optimized to work with all AI-generated referral results.

Learn more about the Power of SphereCard: Your All-in-One Business Solution

SphereCard is an innovative online marketplace designed to simplify hiring and help users find the perfect freelancers, experts, or companies. Whether you’re looking to get hired or sell your products, SphereCard offers a suite of features to enhance your business presence and streamline referrals. Explore some of the key benefits below:


Networking and Referrals:

Turn your customers, partners, and employees into effective marketing channels with SphereCard. Effortlessly form new connections and strengthen existing ones, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Share your SphereCard to promote your business and engage with your audience, expanding your network and attracting new opportunities.

Safe and Detailed Business Information Sharing:

SphereCard offers a safer alternative to traditional vCards for sharing detailed business information. You can reach consumers directly without losing any income from sales. Create flyers with a QR code linking to your SphereCard, easily printable from the app or a search engine.

Advanced Communication Technology:

Enhance customer loyalty and boost sales with SphereCard’s secure messenger communication technology. Send and receive messages, get notifications, and make free voice/video calls and conference calls globally using Wi-Fi or unlimited data. Available on Android, iOS, and web platforms, SphereCard keeps you connected with your audience anytime, anywhere.

Remote Work and Security:

Work remotely from anywhere in the world with SphereCard. Connect via Wi-Fi or unlimited data on any device—cellphone, tablet, or computer. Forgot your device? No problem! Access your SphereCard securely from a borrowed device without compromising your information.

Efficient Appointment Management:

Simplify appointment scheduling with SphereCard’s built-in calendar. Both you and your customers receive reminders, ensuring appointments are never missed. Customers can see your local times, making it easy to contact you within your business hours.

Reputation Management:

Protect your reputation with SphereCard’s feedback resolution system, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.

SEO Benefits:

Improve your SEO ranking by creating backlinks to your existing website with SphereCard, leading to a highly profitable return on investment (ROI).


SphereCard combines marketing, networking, secure communication, appointment management, and SEO benefits into one powerful app. Enhance your online presence and streamline referrals with SphereCard today!

A Website is like a van.

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Sport Car

SphereCard is like a sports car.

Starter Plan: This plan is offered at no cost.
Introductory - Premium Plan Monthly Subscription: \$19.99 per month.
Introductory - Annual Subscription: \$199.99 per year.


Save $50.00

Experience SphereCard today and take your business to new heights!

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