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Join the new and growing online marketplace.

"With our free online marketplace, you can attract customers, streamline referrals, and book appointments. Create a web and mobile app profile for your business with peer-to-peer marketing tools that give you and your customers promotional power. Try it today!"

SphereCard ®

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SphereCard simplifies dealing in the digital world with all you must consider to survive.

SphereCard Highlights

  • Marketplace
  • Interactive Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Messaging
  • Voice/Video Chat
  • Appointment Maker
  • Calendar
  • Image Displays
  • Promotional Video Display
  • Escrow Service
  • Share Screen
  • Flyer 
  • Feedback System​
  • Support
  • and more

A Website is like a van.

White Van
Sport Car

SphereCard is like a sports car.

Start growing your business today! 

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